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XI Nutrisport Half Triatlón de Sevilla
4 DE MAYO DE 2024




1st Male
1st Female

Trophy & 300€

Trophy and Material Cinc

2nd Male
2nd Female

Trophy & 200€

Trophy and Material Cinc

3rd Male
3rd Female

Trophy & 100€

Trophy and Material Cinc

4th Male
4th Female

80 €

5th Male
5th Female

60 €

6th to 10th Male
6th to 10th  Female

40 €


The top three finishers on each age group both male and female will receive a trophy

Only triathlon federated athletes will eligible to receive prize money and they must attend the award ceremony to receive the prize.

Award Ceremony

The awards ceremony will take place at CEAR Remo y Piragüismo.

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