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XI Nutrisport Half Triatlón de Sevilla
4 DE MAYO DE 2024

Experience the XI Half Triathlon of Seville

The XI Half Triathlon of Seville is one of the best rated triathlons of the national circuit and fixed in the calendar of the triathletes who accompany us year after year making this test a reference event.

Another year, and there are nine, Nutrisport, leading brand in sports nutrition continues to bet the triathlon and will support and supply the best products to our and our triathletes to the finish line.


Overall responsability

It is the participant responsibility to be well prepared for the test. That is, to enjoy good overall physical health, as well as an acceptable level of preparedness. The possession of the federal license does not insure or cover this liability.

The athlete declares that he/she has no contraindication to compete or practice triathlon, demonstrating responsibly to the organization that has previously submitted from the event to medical check-ups or examinations to rule out injury, disease or health problem that prevents or even discourages your participation in the competition.

Athletes should

– Be responsible for their own safety and that of other athletes.
– Know and respect the rules of competitions.
– Know the routes.
– Obey the orders of the officers.
– Respect the rules of the road.
– Treat other athletes, officers, volunteers and spectators with respect and Courtesy.
– Avoid the use of abusive language.
– Respect the environment of the area where the competition takes place.
– The athlete knows the existence and content, understands, and abides by all rules, regulations and regulatory provisions that are applicable in the competition. It is the responsibility of the participant to inquire about the regulations, provisions, instructions, and any other regulations that are applicable to the competition.
– The athlete undertakes to comply with all agreements adopted by the organization and its staff.
– The athlete undertakes to ensure at all times scrupulously the respect of the values of sport.
– The athlete in a sworn and responsible manner declares that he/she is not sanctioned or involved in any sanctioning proceedings in matters related to the sport.
– Participation in a sporting event as an individual, free and responsible act that is, implies the assumption by the athlete of the risks inherent in his own test, such as falls, accidents themselves or with third parties involved or not in evidence, and generally any personal or material damage; assuming this ultimately waive any claim for these facts against the organizers. If such damage is found within a risky, known and assumed.


Anything relating to sanctions, conduct of participants, external support or assistance we will use the rules of the Spanish Triathlon Federation:

Duration of the test

The duration of the test will be 7h for the Medium Distance Triathlon modality, and 4h45 ́ for the Aquabike mode, with the following cutting times:

Swimming: 1h
Cycling + Swimming: 4h45 ́
Race on foot: 2h15 ́
Total of the test Triathlon Medium Distance: 7h.

Amendment of the rules of procedure

The organization may amend or alter these regulations, both on the day and at the time of output, as well as circuits depending on the feasibility of the test.

Participants agree to each of the articles of this regulation and undertake to honestly and with honor not to anticipate the time of departure and to cover the distance complete before crossing the finish line.


TRIATHLON SECTOR OF HALF-DISTANCE (*federated and non-federated)

– Swimming: 1.900 mtrs.
– Cycling: 86 kms.
– Race: 21 kms.

AQUABIKE (*federated and non-federated)

– Swimming: 1.900 mtrs.
– Cycling: 86 kms.


– Junior: from 2006 to 2005
– Sub 23: from 2004 to 2001
– Absolute: from 2000 to 1985
– Veteran 1: from 1975 to 1984
– Veteran 2: from 1974 to 1965
– Veteran 3: from 1964 to 1955
– Veteran 4: from 1954 to 1945



Federated and non-federated may compete. The distances will be 1900m swimming, 86km of cycling and 21km of race on foot.


The rules to be followed in this test are the same in these Regulations as for the Middle Distance Triathlon, with the exception that the distances to be covered will be 1900m of swimming and 86 km of cycling. Eliminating in this way the foot race sector for this modality.

Athletes will finish the competition when they cross the finish line located at the finish of the cycling segment.

The arrival shall be recorded as soon as the tubular of the front wheel crosses the vertical plane rising from the starting end of the finish line.

The time recorded at that time will be the time of arrival at the finish line.


Swimming: no provision is made for the swimming segment.

Cycling: a total of 4.

– Km. 28 and 58: Water, mineral salts and fruit.
– Km. 42 and 72: Water, mineral salts and fruit.

Race: a total of 8.

– Km. 0. 8 and 11. 6: Bottled water, coca cola and fruit.
– Km. 3,3 and 14,1: Bottled water, isotonic in cups and gels.
– Km. 6,2 and 17: Bottled water, coca cola and nuts. (dates and figs)
– Km. 8. 5 and 19. 3: Bottled water, isotonic in cups and gels.


Friday 3 May

12:00 to 20:00: Athlete Check-In.
17:30 to 18:30: swimming training in the enclosed area of the river CEAR Remo and Canoeing La Cartuja.

Saturday 4 May

11:00 to 13:15: Athlete Check-In and race Expo in CEAR Rowing and Canoeing La Cartuja
11:15 to 13:30: Registration of material in CEAR Rowing and Canoeing La Cartuja.
14:00: Start XI Half Triathlon of Seville*

* Time and day of the start subject to possible modifications according to feasibility and possible restrictions of the race.

17:45: Approximate arrival of the first classified at the finishline.
18:30: Closing entrance for the start of the run.
18:45 to 20:45: Collection of material.
21:00: Awards ceremony in Cear Rowing and Canoeing



– First Middle distance: Trophy and €300
– Second Middle Distance: Trophy and €200
– Third Middle Distance: Trophy and €100

– First Aquabike: Trophy
– Second Aquabike: Trophy
– Third Aquabike: Trophy

Junior, Under 23, Absolute, Veteran 1, Veteran 2, Veteran 3, Veteran 4

– First Aquabike: Trophy
– Second Aquabike: Trophy
– Third Aquabike: Trophy


There is a maximum of 900 participants for all types of modalities in participation. Outside this number, no more registrations will be accepted.


€89 until 18 November
€99 until 4 December
€109 until 4 March
€119 until 29 April at 11:59 p. m.

* €10 more for non-federated members


€119 until 18 November
€129 until 4 December
€145 until 4 March
€155 until 29 April at 11:59 p. m.

* €10 more for non-federated members

What does the registration for the XI Half Triathlon of Seville include?

– Exclusive jersey for the test.
– Exclusive Design Medal of the test.
– Supplies of water and mineral salts.
– 2 gels + 2 bars that will be delivered to you at the collection of the back for the cyclist segment.
– Accident insurance during the test.
– 24-hour service in our email:

1. Refunds with cancellation insurance

Allows 100% refund of the registration up to the day before the test. Only can be acquired at the time of registration.

Access here to request your refund with cancellation insurance contracted, you must have your tracker number on hand.

* See conditions on the website:

2. Refunds without cancellation insurance

Prior to 29/02/2024 (23:59h): 50% refund.
From 01/03/2024: Refunds will not be accepted under any circumstances, nor changes of ownership.

Registrations are personal and non-transferable from the moment of the registration.


Are you looking for ACCOMMODATION to compete in the XI Half Triathlon de Sevilla?

We will work every day to get you the best possible accommodation in Seville.
For any doubt or management we will always be attentive to you through the mail

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