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XI Nutrisport Half Triatlón de Sevilla
4 DE MAYO DE 2024


Race starts Saturday April 6th at 15.30 hours. You will have all morning for the gear check in process. No need to get up early. In addition, since you race on Saturday you will have Sunday to recover and enjoy sightseeing in Seville.

Another positive aspect of our schedule is that the running leg (when your body temperature rises the most) takes place at the end of the day, being those the cooler hours in Seville during spring time, and when you will enjoy our city the most.

Race Course

The swimming course consists of 1900m in the Guadalquivir river, where you can enjoy one of the best swimming segments within the city with tremendously calm waters and practically in total absence of currents. The swim course allows the spectators to follow the race. The Guadalquivir river is known worldwide by rowers for the high quality of its waters, in fact, our start line is located at the High Performance Rowing Center, where world class rowers train.

The cycling course measures 93km, in which you will cross four locations with great public attendance, includes four aid stations. Race course profile is irregular, offering fun small climbs and descends but nothing technical. The cumulative positive ascend is 600m, and maximum height 164m. Although the most important fact is that it is a single lap course, no drafting allowed and watched by federation judges. In addition, the cycling course is pioneer in security, with 350 security auxiliaries with specific signaling. The race will be easy to follow by any companions at different points of the route.

The running course measures exactly at 21.097m, consisting of two laps to create more expectation to the public. It will include of 8 aid stations. The course is flat with a cumulative positive ascend of 38m.  The course goes along the High Performance Center, Alamillo’s Park (the largest green lung in Seville), Guadalquivir River, and the American Garden (the main promenades of Seville recovered from Seville’s 1992 Universal Exposition). The finish line will be at the High Performance Center. It can be said the running course is similar to the that of Seville’s Marathon, one of the fastest running courses.


Seville’s average temperature is 24.2ºC for the month of April of, average humidity is 57%, and average wind speed 10.3km/h. With these average figures we can expect perfect race conditions for April 6th, 2019.

As a remark, during the last 5 editions, wetsuit was allowed once only, with water temperature of 19ºC.


Seville is capital of Andalusia, and offers the most extensive old town in Spain. It has three monuments declared World Heritage by Unesco, the Cathedral with the Giralda, the Archivo de Indias and the Alcázar, currently with two candidate monuments, such as the Torre del Oro and the Plaza de España. The Cathedral of Seville is the third largest religious center in the world.

Feria de Abril and Holy Week in Seville are festivities declared as a festivals of international tourist Interest.

In terms of transport, Seville has an airport, railway station, and a large road network with direct connection to major highways, in addition to 170km of bike lanes.

All this means that today Seville is the third most visited city in Spain and one of the most visited in the world ahead of other capitals such as Chicago, Washington or Sao Paulo.

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